Air Condition Leak Stop
Pro Tec Air Condition Leak Stop
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Air Condition Leak Stop

VAT included

This Pro-Tec P6080 Air Condition Leak Stop comes with P6082 Flexible Adapter


Often times due to timeworn cracked hoses and brittle O-rings a successive loss of the coolant occurs in the A/C system. This is harmful to the environment and results in expensive repair works. A/C Leak Stop seals leakages and avoids extra time and costs for repairs.


A/C Leak Stop localises the point of leakage in the A/C System and seals it permanently, without any reaction with humidity and oxygen. A/C Leak Stop repairs leakages with maximum dimensions of 0.5mm.


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Area of application

Can be inserted into Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems under Vacuum or with a maximum System Pressure port of 5,5 bar (80 psi).


Possible application with refrigerant

1. Turn on the air conditioner, fan should be set to maximum setting

2. Unscrew the protective cap of the cartridge and connect the adapter

3. When using the flexible adapter (Part No. P6082), the air must be squeezed out of the hose

4. For car air conditioners without a low pressure side refrigerant fill port it is necessary to use a special adapter (Part No. P6083)

5. Connect the adapter to the low pressure side refrigerant fill port of the air conditioner and press in the complete contents of the cartridge

6. Remove the adapter 7. If necessary repeat the process 8. Run the air conditioner for at least 30 minutes

Application without refrigerant

1. Empty the air conditioner

2. Fill sealant and new refrigerant

3. Run the air conditioner for at least 30 minutes


30 ml for one application.

Reaction time

approx. 30 minutes

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Data sheet

30 ml
Physical state


Product Information Sheet

Air Condition Stop Leak Product Information Sheet

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Air Condition Leak Stop Flyer

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